Excursion in " Atehsgyax" and "Yanardaq"

Duration: 3,5 hours


Perhaps, the most popular and exotic landmark of Azerbaijan is the Temple of the eternal fire of Ateshgah. 
His fame goes far beyond the city of Baku, in which he is located and known practically throughout the world.




The area where this temple stands is known for the fact that natural gas comes out of the earth, 
contact with oxygen causes a natural fire. The structure that can be seen now is erected 
in the 17-18 centuries by the Hindu community of the Sikh caste. But the history of the temple is much older. 
Long before this there was an ancient sanctuary of Zoroastrians.



The Ateshgah Temple is a unique masterpiece that gives a more complete picture of the adherents
 of the ancient philosophy of Zoroastrianism. Today, here it continues to burn, albeit artificial, 
but the fire that disperses the darkness of ignorance.
There are so many natural gas in the depths of Azerbaijan that it continually seeps to the surface. 
In a number of places, accidentally or intentionally thrown a match, a torch - any spark, can lead 
to the ignition of gas, which will not go out until it exhausts itself to the end. 



In olden times Azerbaijan was a country of fire worshipers, followers of Zoroastrian cults. 
People considered the appearance of fiery springs as a manifestation of divine power, worshiped them,
 built altars and temples.



The meteor flame is about ten meters wide and goes upwards from the ridge of Yanardag, 
a limestone hill located not far from Baku. Today there are a small number of such natural sources 
of gas combustion in the world, most of them are in Azerbaijan. The fire of this fire occurred in ancient times. 
About him also reported Marco Polo.